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TVOI – Your One Stop Shop

TVOI?principles are simple.

Excellent Pricing.

Commercial Grade Furnishings.

Exceptional Customer Service.

TVOI?offers a complete range of modular office system planning, installation, interior design, space planning and cleaning services. TVOI’s?experienced staff brings a unique skill set to the market that can be utilized on a variable cost basis. Use?TVOI only when you need us, as a complete project installation or on a project-by-project basis.

TVOI?and Nu2u Quality Used Office Furniture are housed under one roof, making an 8,600-square foot showroom of both new and pre-owned furniture. Because we have used furniture on-site and access to quick ship new furniture, your project can be completed on your budget and your timeline.

Recent Projects

Since 2005,?TVOI has built a solid reputation and has become the premier office furnishings destination in the Capital District. Take a look at TVOI’s work to learn more.


TVOI is excited to announce its partnership with Albany’s newest professional arena football team, The Albany Empire!

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